Geophysical Pipe Reconnaissance System is a totally non-destructive technique to produce a cross section profile of subsurface without any drilling, trenching or ground disturbances. The profiles are used for detecting buried pipes in totally non-destructive manner.

The System operates by transmitting signals into the ground. The transmitted energy is reflected from various buried pipes. The equipment then receives the reflected waves and displays them in real time on screen. Data is also saved in appropriate memory for later processing and interpretation.

The system can investigate depths up to 10 meters in low conductivity materials such as dry sand or granite. Clays, shale and other high conductivity materials may attenuate or absorb the signals, greatly decreasing the depth of penetration.

The depth of penetration is also determined by the system used. Deep pipe detector obtains reflections from deeper depths but have low resolution. These systems are used for investigating the large, deep pipes.Shallow Pipe Detectors obtain reflections from shallow depths (0 to 3 meters) and have a high resolution. These systems are used to locate small buried pipes and rebar in concrete.

We will conduct Ground Penetrating Radar Survey to detect buried sewerage Pipeline, cables etc in the given corridor. The underground utilities detected will be marked on Soft Copy of the Topographic Survey Drawing of the corridor, to be supplied by the Client. Our Report will indicate the locations and depths to the top of various utilities detected. Work will be conducted using 500 MHz and 300 MHz antenna for best possible resolution and penetration.


GPR Survey

Tunnel Survey Services

Land Survey Services

We have gained immense expertise in rendering Land Survey Services to respectable customers. These services are known Services for tracking three dimensional positions of points, distances and angles on land. Offered services are rendered using engineering, geometry, mathematics, trigonometry and laws of physics.

  • Promptness

  • Client-oriented

  • Optimum usage of space

  • Reliable

​GMPL uses advance data acquisition system (Total Station, RTK GPS) and processing software for preparation of drawings, carrying out all types of Topographic survey for the following categories:

  • Rail/ Road Surveys

  • Rivers & Lake/Reservoir surveys

  • Construction Projects

  • High Rise/ Super High Rise Building surveys

  • Positioning Services

  • Transmission Line Surveys

Global Positioning Services :
Using a range of GPS receivers, GMPL is able to establish control points on land to few Millimeter level of accuracy by using static differential techniques for :

  • Rail/ Road Surveys

  • Geophysical Surveys

  • Land Surveys and GIS (Geographical Information System) application surveys

Topography Survey Services


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We are a renowned name, which is engaged in rendering Building Construction Services to our clients. These services are utilized for fixing of door/windows/frames. Also, these services help in constructing buildings with high strength and exceptional flatness with mechanically interlocked vertical edges.

GMPL has expertise in providing survey and navigation services on turnkey basis to all land based Construction Companies involved in:

  • High Rise/ Super High Rise building construction

  • Rail/ Road Construction

  • Dam/ Reservoir Construction

  • Pre-engineering and support services

  • Post-construction support surveys

  • As built survey services ​

Building Construction & Elevation Survey 

Route Survey Services

Layout Survey Services

GIS and Mapping Services

Digital Mapping Services

Transmission Line Survey